Say Goodbye to HVAC Issues With Specialized Solutions

The last thing you need in the dead of winter is a faulty furnace or boiler; Provost PHC can help you with that. We go beyond plumbing and install, repair, and maintain heating systems.

Our professionals handle big and small HVAC work for homes and commercial properties in Massachusetts.

Furnaces That Make for Energy-Efficient Homes

Aside from keeping your interiors warm, a new furnace can help decrease your energy bills and increase your property’s value. It can reduce the need for costly repairs, saving you more money in the long run.

We can install and ensure your new furnace performs effectively in all seasons. Our team will conduct regular inspections, clean your system, and fix minor issues before they become serious problems.

We also fix faulty heaters of any make or model in a flash. Malfunctions must be resolved immediately, especially if your system releases carbon monoxide in the air. Some signs that your furnace is on the fritz are:

  • Rust, Cracks, and Corrosion
  • A Strong Smell of Gas
  • Inconsistent Heating
  • Banging or Popping Sounds
  • Dust Buildup Around Vents

Stay Warm, Cozy, and Stress-Free With a Boiler

Boilers are durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance options for distributing heat evenly. Our team can install and connect your boiler’s pumps and pipes to your water outlet and main water supply.

Please note that the time and extent of installation may vary depending on the kind of boiler you have. We can also conduct full inspections and maintenance on its important parts to keep your boiler in good condition. Our team will:

  • Check if the pH levels are within the proper range
  • Inspect and clean the heat exchange
  • Inspect, clean, and flush the condensate system
  • Ensure all connections and wires are intact

If your boiler is malfunctioning, don’t wait ‘til you’re shivering to ask for help. Our crew will come over quickly to assess its parts and administer a long-lasting fix. Call us if you:

  • Keep having to switch the pilot light on
  • See water dripping from the boiler tank
  • Hear a banging or rumbling noise coming from your boiler

How Can We Help You?

Keep your home warm and energy-efficient with Provost PHC. Reach out to us for a free estimate or learn more about our licensed plumbing and HVAC services.