Stay Cool Indoors With Trusted Air-Conditioning Solutions

Turn to Provost PHC for excellent plumbing and HVAC services in Massachusetts. We install, fix, and maintain air-conditioning units for homeowners and small businesses.

No matter what your air-cooling needs are, you can expect our HVAC specialists to do whatever it takes to get your system up and running properly.

Need a New Air Conditioner? We Have You Covered

Control the climate indoors easier by upgrading your old unit to a more effective one. Before the installation, we will assess and fix your existing system to ensure the new one works well. Our professionals check for:

  • Bad Circuitry and Electrical Connections
  • Drain Line Problems
  • Faulty Air Vents
  • Old Air Filters
  • Thermostat Malfunctions
  • Wear and Tear on Ductwork

Only once these issues have been addressed can we carefully install your new air-conditioning unit. We can install different models of air-conditioning units, including mini-split types.

Keep Your Cooling System in Prime Condition

Stay cool and comfortable in summer through excellent HVAC maintenance. You can count on our specialists to prepare your unit for the heat by:

  • Powering down the unit
  • Cleaning debris out of the unit and condenser fan
  • Cleaning and straightening the fans
  • Checking for any other issues

By hiring us to perform routine maintenance, you can be confident that you’ll get all the cool air your need on the hottest days

Giving Your Air-Conditioning Unit a Long-Lasting Fix

Restore the comfort of your home with our repair solutions. We can fix your air-cooling unit and system fast and efficiently. Here are some signs that you ask our technicians for help:

  • Grinding or squealing sounds coming from the unit
  • Humid interiors
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Unusual odors while the unit is running
  • Vents blowing out warm air

Find Out How We Can Best Help You

Get a well-functioning air-cooling system by partnering with Provost PHC. Connect with us to ask for a quote or more information on our HVAC and plumbing services.